Our Story

Mary Brennan in orange dress
Our History

Mary Brennan is a young local high school entrepreneur who, along with her mother Jenn, started attending Pop Up Shops trying to decide if they wanted to  open their own business, After two years of Pop Ups, they decided to Pop into a Brick and Mortar storefront. Bubbles Gift Shoppe is located in the Market at Mill Creek Shopping Center on Hwy 41.

The shoppe is named after Mary Brennan. She got this nickname from her grandparents. While eating at a tea shop when she was three, she asked the waitress for “bubbles”. It was determined that Mary Brennan would rather have Sprite than tea, but from that point on, her grandfather called her Bubbles. When she was deciding on what to call her gift shoppe, naturally it would be called Bubbles. 

Bubbles Candle Co.

Since opening Bubbles in 2017, and our flagship shoppe in 2019, we have carried our own candle line. Well… we are reinventing the wheel! We have decided to update scents and vessels to a Lowcountry Lifestyle. Some of the scents will remain the same and some new ones will be added.

Stay tuned for some awesome new products.

Our Performance Line

Bubbles has created its own LOCAL Performance Fishing Gear clothing line called Charleston Tackle Co. These items are sold online or inside the store. They also have hats, fishing buckets, tumblers and more. The UV 50 plus sun shirts are the softest around!

Gifts for everyone

Bubbles Gift Shoppe is a one-stop gift shoppe to meet the needs of the surrounding community. There aren't any niche gift shops within 10 miles of our location.  Every item that is chosen for the shop has Mary Brennan’s stamp of approval. Whether it be a carefully selected piece of jewelry, a baby item or gift for birthdays or brides, you will find a unique selection at Bubbles Gift Shoppe. Bubbles always has a LOCAL selection from Lowcountry Artisans. We rotate merchandise often so it stays new and exciting for our customers.

Our wide range of products