Find Me! Adventures in the Ocean

Find Me! Adventures in the Ocean

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It's a search-and-find adventure in the ocean!

Bernard's wolf pack has decided they need to go to the beach for a summer vacation. But poor Bernard, he already wears glasses, and now he has to try and see through a big pair of thick, foggy scuba-diving goggles?

"Don't worry!" says a little red crab. "I'll help you!"

Follow along as the little red crab helps Bernard sharpen his eyesight with all kinds of deep-sea search-and-find challenges!

Find the one unique fish among a big crowd of colorful ocean dwellers. Help a daddy squid find his baby squid. Match a bunch of sharp-toothed sharks with their twins.

With 16 challenges to complete and over 100 things to find, the Find Me Adventures in the Ocean book is sure to have kids swimming into hours of brain-busting excitement!

Find Me! Adventures in the Ocean
  • Ocean-themed search-and-find puzzle book
  • Encourages visual acuity, concentration, critical thinking
  • Featues 16 search-and-find puzzles, over 100 things to find!
  • Can you find the little red crab in each puzzle?
  • Includes answers printed in the back of the book
  • Written and illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi
  • Published by Happy Fox Books
  • High-quality paperback binding

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